Notice “A non well formed numeric value encountered” in Zabbix dashboard with PHP 7.1


If you installed Zabbix server with PHP 7.0 or upper version, then you will face this issue after login to the Zabbix dashboard.

For this issue, just open include/ with your preferred editor and change some entry. After change it will look like below.

function str2mem($val) {
$val = trim($val);
$last = strtolower(substr($val, -1));

switch ($last) {
case ‘g’:
$val = (int) $val * 1024;
/* falls through */
case ‘m’:
$val = (int) $val * 1024;
/* falls through */
case ‘k’:
$val = (int) $val * 1024;


return $val;

After this change restart zabbix-server service once.

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